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From prototyping to production

Knitaly closely follows each phase of the garment development process, from the creation of the first prototypes and samples up to the delivery of the production destined for the market.
Each step of the process is subject to constant monitoring of the production techniques, compliance with schedules, costs and the quality of each garment and accessory.
Along with the creations on patterns, we use innovative software solutions, which means that the precision of the traditional processes interweaves in synergy with a continuous technological upgrade in order to guarantee the best result possible.

“The outsourcing laboratories are selected based on their competence, quality, professionalism, and punctuality, and are required to continuously meet the standards we establish for them. Over the years we have invested enormous resources in training our partners, transferring to them our expertise in terms of quality and service. Currently we are proud to have working teams that perfectly respond to our needs and the needs of our customers.”

Knitaly Team

Knitwear Technologies

Knitting machinery: Shima Seiki, Stoll, Steiger
Gauge: 3-5-7-12-14-18
– wholegarment/seamless
– fully fashioned
– intarsia
– jacquard
– all texture types

Print types

– screen-printing
– digital
– corrosion
– foil

Production Technologies

– fully fashioned knitwear
– cut and sew knitwear
– knit plus fabric
– leather appliques
– collars in fur and with appliques

Embroidery types

– hand-stitched
– laser
– multihead
– cornely
– punched
– rhinestone and stud appliques